Lollipop tips

The lollipop effect is simply you finding ways to change where you work for the better but with more imagination than cost.

There are workplaces throughout the world that could benefit from Managers or business owners allowing their staff to creatively contribute something new to where they work.

  • Let your staff design or dress their workplace as they wish.
  • Have a competition between staff to see who could be most creative with limited funds (€100-200) in transforming the office into somewhere people feel like turning up to each day. People are more creative and imaginative when the fund to work with is tighter.
  • Celebrate your staffs Birthdays. Give them that day off or if you can’t just call it after them.” Stephens day” sounds like a day I could get certainly used to.
  • Have free Lollipops at all meetings. People will feel more relaxed enjoying a lollipop at a meeting and are more likely to make positive associations with the meeting. Positive outcomes are more likely and we are less likely to take matters too seriously with a lollipop in our mouth.
  • Random acts of kindness should be practiced not only throughout your workplace but also outside of work. We as humans feel better when we contribute to others. Allow your staff to openly encourage caring for others and openly talk about their experience. For instance you could all visit and old folks home and find out who has not had a visitor in a while and brighten up their day.
  • Go home early. Just go home. Who cares if everyone has not completed their 40 hours. This is particularily wonderful on a Thursday or a Friday. For it to be effective and really appreciated just do it every once in a blue moon…Until you decide that 30 hours a week is enough for your company to perform effectively and everyone has Friday off.
  • Just ask your staff? What lollipop ideas have they? You might just be amazed at they come up with. Nothing is too off the wall to be discussed and maybe one day implemented.

We all want to feel that we are playing our part in designing and contributing to the world where we work. People will amaze you once and only once you let them know that their contribution to where they work is  making a difference and what they think is really appreciated.

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