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8 Jun

Gallup have just produced a report on Millennials in the workplace and it has thrown up some very interesting insights into the way that future of work is changing.

Millennial are those born between 1980 and 2000 what are presently in the workplace or are just entering it now. They see the world differently. They are more informed due to their constant connection to information on smartphones and social media. 71% of them get news about national or international issues from the internet and only 3% access newspapers for the same information. This is comparison with 51% of  Generation X’ers relying on the internet for their source of information. Baby boomers drop down to 30% for internet referencing ,mainly relying on television as their source of news with a 50% participation level in this form of media compared to Millennials 15% use of TV for a news source. The way we access information is changing and it is affecting the way we view the world.

Millennials are wrapped in the immediacy of modern life. Emails take too long. Text messages need a quick reply. They live in a world of engagement so they want a workplace that responds to this. So you either tailor the workplace to them or keep the rules that some Baby boomer or Gen Xer thought was only way to keep people in line and ultimately die in the modern world of business.

Here is how the millennial sees the new workplace for them.

Past                                              Future

My Paycheque                                        My Purpose

My Satisfaction                                     My Development

My Boss                                                   My Coach

My Annual review                                My ongoing conversations

My Weaknesses                                    My Strengths

My Job                                                      My Life

Here are the top five factors Millennials look for when applying for a job.

  1. Opportunity to learn and grow
  2. Quality of Management
  3. Quality of Manager
  4. Interest in types of work.
  5. Opportunities for advancement.

With this in mind 50% of Millennials reckon they don’t see a future in the company that they presently work for. When it comes to engagement 55% are not feeling the love at work. So 36% of those Millennials report that they will look for a job with a different organisation within the next 12 months.

The difference in how we see work is evident from the new needs of the workers within and entering our workplaces as outlined above. It is imperative that we cater as organisations to these new needs of a more informed, ambitious and better educated member of the workforce who realises there is no work life balance …it’s all the one.

Just as you have a grasp on how the Millennials are transforming the way we work, think and act….you see Generation Z coming over the hill and realise that sitting still for very long is a thing of the past.


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