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Kill triangles, draw pictures and share emotions.

15 Jun

At The Happy Workplace conference 2015 organised by Henry Stewart of Happy Ltd  I was lucky enough to see Dom Monkhouse(Peer 1) speak.

I love the way Dom talks about the interview process where he provides candidates with colouring pens and paper and asks them to draw a picture. What ends up within that picture says a lot about the interviewee and a conversation begins to unfold that allows the candidate to open up unlike in a conventional interview. Dark clouds and dead bodies or bright sun and smiling faces on paper might open up conversations that would never have surfaced in an everyday interview or meeting.

Further on in his talk not shown in the video above Dom spoke about killing triangulation. Triangulation can be seen as gossip within organisations. Managers can be sieged with staff coming to them and complaining about other colleagues habits. Talking about a co-workers limitations behind their back serves no one. So Dom informs the aggrieved employee that they have 72 hours to confront the colleague that they have just criticised … or else he will inform them about what you have said. It simply cuts out the backbiting and encourages difficult conversations that all business should be prepared to facilitate. It also allows a more immediate ability to clear the air learn from what was said and move on….or move out!

Further examples of simple actions that can transform the way an organisation is run, is sending out Emotive faces by mail on a chosen day each week to employees. Employees who click on the sad face receive a phone call to see what can be done to help the stress, workload or issue that they might be experiencing.

smiley sad

3 simple examples of how to change the way you and your organisation starts thinking.

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