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Do you ever feel like this?

29 Apr

Is this your Life?

What are the benefits of a shorter working week?

8 Apr

If you could work a shorter working week than you do would you? What benefits might you, the organisation you work for and your general community experience if the shorter working week became a reality.

  1. Lower stress and anxiety levels
  2. More rest time and sleep.
  3. Increased productivity.
  4. Greater creativity.Stress kills creativity.
  5. Less money spent on commuting.
  6. Lower carbon emissions from less time travelling.
  7. Reduced traffic congestion for communities.
  8. A decreased energy usage for your organisation.
  9. Child care costs would decrease. Your children will feel the benefit of spending more time with you. You will feel it too. Childhood is short enough as it is.
  10. Greater time to spend with your loved ones. Bonnie Ware was a palliative care nurse. During her time taking care of terminally ill patients she encountered “5 regrets that the dying” constantly made. Every Male patient said that they “wished they had worked less and spent more time with the people they loved doing what they love”
  11. More times to do the activities that make you feel best about yourself. Learn a new skill, Go back to college part-time. Learn a new language. Hola Amiga! When we learn something new the dopamine rewards in our brain get heightened. We feel happier and those around us feel the benefits too.
  12. A greater chance to exercise and partake in healthy activities like exercise that benefit your health and lower stress.
  13. Time to give back to communities Volunteering your time to help the wider community.
  14. Decreased health problems from stress and overwork would allow people to work for longer.
  15. Find ways to work more efficiently in work rather than filling your day by immediately replying to Emails. Prioritize what is important, shorten meetings and leave the social media to the marketing department. Fill your day with 90 minute focused slots that have all your attention.
  16. We create more equal societies by sharing paid and unpaid labour.
  17. More employment for everyone.
  18. Lower mental and physical ill health.
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