What good has your company done for others today?

19 Mar
Think of others

Think of others

Is your company profitable? Have you proudly grown your company from a fledgling idea into a profitable organisation with Employees and maybe Shareholders all benefitting from it’s growth. Well done if you have.

Who or what has contributed to your success? Your drive and ambition? A loyal workforce? Investors and shareholders? A committed invisible group of poorly paid employees on the other side of the world, working in miserable conditions with long hours that would never be accepted in your developed country? A polluted river, landscape or townland that you will never see? Drinking water filled with toxins that contributed to the production of your product? A lost forest or landscape ravaged by mining or displacement to provide the minerals necessary for your products success? The indebted customer who has experienced foreclosure on a loan you provided knowing they would eventually default on?

If your companies success is attained through hurt caused to your fellow man and the destruction of the environment so many call home then maybe it’s time to rethink what you can do to create greater good on this Earth.

Once again the two questions you need to ask yourself each day

  1. What has my organisation done today to better your fellow man and this world?
  2. What has my organisation done today to hurt your fellow man and this world?

We are all just trying to put food on the table. How sweet and nourishing our food must taste knowing it has come from our contribution to the greater good of others, or is our mouth filled with a bitter taste knowing  it has been paid for by the pain of others.

I thought this Ted Talk from Simon Anholt summed up our need to create not just profitable companies or happy organisations but workplaces that contribute ( like Ireland and Finland) to becoming Good companies.

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