Life lessons for living.

13 Aug

The other day I listened to a very interesting interview with Karl Pillimer who had interviewed hundreds of Elderly people and asked them on their views on what constitutes good reasons for living.

I am always fascinated by the views of people who have experienced life themselves and consider the gems of wisdom that they impart as tenets for life that we should wake up to. This is not dissimilar to the 5 regrets of the dying that Bronnie Ware the Australian palliative care nurse spoke about.

Who better to know what is important in life than those who have lived it and have reached the latter stages of this mortal coil.   Over the next few articles I will talk of some of the reasons for living that our oldest and wisest people have experienced.

Today it’s the importance of health and getting older on our lives.

Youth is wasted on the young and to some who have lived a lifetime they feel that health may also be too.

The importance of looking after our health is only recognized once we are faced with illness. It is usually after a lifetime of giving up an unhealthy habit tomorrow. Tomorrow never happens and the poor diet, the lack of exercise and the alcohol or tobacco filled lifestyle continues without thought for it’s affects on our health.

The elders had said that we should stop justifying our bad health behaviours by saying  “ Oh  I don’t care If I drop dead a year or two early- I like to smoke /overeat/not exercise”. You don’t drop dead suddenly as is the romantic way to go. You will spend years if not decades fighting chronic illness and hospital visits. Injecting insulin, combating emphysema and looking at pictures of a once thought invincible you.

Just watched a programme the other evening that on BBC’s Panorama that extolled the virtues of fasting throughout your life. Fasting for 2 days in every 7 can provide remarkable health benefits. I would balk at the idea of eating nothing twice a week but it’s a little easier than that with a 600 calorie diet allowed on the fast days. All entirely manageable and the health benefits are enormous.

We constantly overeat and rarely think of the consequences of what we put into our bodies.Wondering how the shelf life of some products can be so long is a good determinant that we are eating problem food. The longer the shelf life the shorter is yours is a good guide. Doing this we are blindly sentencing ourselves to years of illness when we need our health more than ever.

Think about this when was the last time you heard of someone you know dying peacefully in their sleep after a number of healthy decades?

What option do you want to give yourself. After all you must remember that your health later in life is a choice.

Focus on what you can do while young. Somehow we have added years to life…. but not life to years.

As some older people who have lived to experience the later stages of life  “Live like you need your body for 100 years”.

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