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9 Jul

I always start my programmes with the simple statement “What you focus on you get more of“. I apply it to everything. Why have some people a sunnier disposition to others? Just ask them where there thinking is focused on most of the time. Do they feel sad? I bet they do. Does life throw up some difficult moments for them? I am sure it does. Do they encounter the same setbacks we all experience? Yep! We all do, it’s part of life. But where is their focus on most of the time?

Spend some time around positive, happy, optimists and you will find that their thinking is focused on all the wonders that they are blessed with in their lives. The beauty of being alive, the gratitude for the life and friends they have been given and the limitless possibilities of life ahead.

We are not happy by chance. Studies show that 50% of our happiness levels are from a genetic disposition. 10% is down to environmental factors, home life, job, income, address etc. (Beverly hills is not the happiest place in the world funnily enough). 40% is down to the work we have done to increase our happiness levels.

40% is a big number. Imagine the changes we can make to our lives if we start to redirect our focus.

We live in amazing times. Technology is  amazing. I send a text and in seconds it is being read on the other side of the world. We can watch films and images on mobile devices as we travel the earth on planes that keep us in the air by means I am not sure of.

We flick switches and lights come on where we live ( I don’t even know how electricity works). The sun comes up each morning and the moon arrives each night it’s all amazing. The world spins at just the right speed and gravity keeps us on solid ground. Each one of these things is amazing. When was the last time we focused on the wonders of our lives and the blessings we have.

I spent a few days in April with Ciara Spellman and her students in CBS Wexford teaching just that. What is amazing about us and this world and most importantly “What we focus on we get more of”

Beautiful sunrise

We had two wonderful days and the testimonials from the students proved it

What you focus on you get more of – Love it”.

“I learned that I should try things that I have a fear of because it is better to conquer them”.

“It made me realise that life is what you make it.”


Now all you have to think is what are you giving most of your focus to!

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