Wake The F@*k Up!

3 Feb

I have talked on this topic extensively. I see that it has resurfaced in the Guardian newspaper yesterday The top five regrets of the dying

The premise for it is still the same. How many of us simply glide through life without being aware of all the wonders we have around us our friends our families and the things we really love in life. We have all experienced that half hour of motorway driving were we can’t remember the past 20 miles of our journey.

Well for some people a lot of life is like that. We get to certain stages in our lives realising that our children have grown up and are on there way to university and we didn’t get a chance to pay too much attention to what was going on in their lives because we where too busy working or caught up in our own self interest.
Or that even though our hearts kept telling us that all we ever wanted to do was play music, create art or fly planes, we never followed that calling because our teachers or guardians told us constantly to stop dreaming and join the real world.
We never spoke out when we saw wrong or felt hard done by because we preferred the easy life.
We constantly worked at trying to amass more than we ever needed without realising we had all that we could want if we just found the wonder in what we already have. I have just read an article on Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney felt that he was not as successful as Donald Trump even though he had a personal wealth over over $250 million himself. When does the need for more end? For some it ends when they are lying on their death bed with the realization that making money never was the at the root of our happiness and regret takes hold.
It is time to Wake Up!. grasp your life by the bullhorns and start to take control of your future. Do a detox, start finding what it is that makes your heart sing and do more of it. Turn of the TV and start living a life of your own rather than the experiences of the latest soap stars. Start to exercise, fall in love with your partner all over again and get in touch with your kids on an emotional level for a change. Meditate, watch the sun rise or set on a cold spring day. Listen to music, create some if you can!! Spend more time connecting with nature. Spend more time connecting with life and have an appreciation for everything else that shares the planet with us, every action has a consequence make it a good one. From today yes today! decide that it is time for you to………………. Wake the F@*k Up!

2 Responses to “Wake The F@*k Up!”

  1. niamh February 3, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

    Very well said Stephen, I agree with all of what you’be said.


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