Why happy people are vital for your workplace.

11 Jan

What is it about people with a more positive disposition that we like. We like to be around them. We like their energy and the ice they break in stressful situations.  In short we like happy people. This does not have to mean the person that is scaring the hell out of the rest of the group because they are more Jim Carey than Jim Carey in “Cable guy”.

Here are a couple of reasons why having happy people not only in our social group but also in our company makes absolute sense.

Happy people get on better with others.

  • They lighten up situations where a breakthrough is needed.
  • They work well within teams.
  • We are more likely to buy products and services from happy people.
  • Having a happy workforce will increase employee relations(always good)

Happy People are healthier

  • Being happy can add 9  years onto your lifespan.
  • The flu vaccine is more effective on happy people( they probably don’t need it anyway)
  • People who are happy suffer less colds 
  • They take less sick days.
  • They suffer less from stress( stress is the biggest killer we have today)

Happy people have more energy.

  • A nice trait to have when you want to get a project to the finish line.
  • They energize those around them.

Happy people are more creative.

  • “The more outgoing a person is, the more active their dopamine system is and a positive mood increases dopamine activity even further in many parts of the brain”, according to a study by Dr Lorenzo Stafford in Portsmouth University.”People in a good mood are the most creative thinkers because they have more of the “happiness chemical” dopamine”.
  • When was the last time you had a great idea whilst in a bad or stressful mood.

Happy people are much more motivated

  • When you like what you are doing you are in a much more motivated state. Happy employees can see the positives in what they are doing. They usually feel that they have more control and autonomy over what they do in work. We can only feel happy and motivated once we are in control.( just ask the citizens of any dictatorship).
  • Low motivation comes from feeling stressed and unable to change the outcome of your situation.
  • Happiness, energy and motivation go hand in hand.

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